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Pollinator Garden Planting - Sweetwater Community Garden

Time: 9am - 12pm

Location: Sweetwater Community Garden, 5354 Sweetwater Road, Bonita 


Pollinators benefit our garden not only by adding color and beauty to our space, but they also have practical uses that will benefit your garden directly. Pollinator plants will attract more pollinating insects like bees, butterflies, and moths. Their presence and work are essential for your crops to fruit. Native pollinator plants will also provide a habitat for predatory insects which are also essential for gardening without the use of insecticides.
The work party will dig approximately 25 holes along the fence by the entrance in the mulched area. We will place our pollinators into the ground and give them a good watering. Your hours will count towards your required community service. We're looking for a minimum of 10 gardeners. Low impact work will be available. 
See you there!


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