Storm Water Pollution Prevention - Keeping San Diego Bay Clean

./watershed_icon.jpgThe Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County (RCD) in partnership with the San Diego Unified Port offer a free Watershed Education Presentation.* This program is available for all 2nd - 6th grade classes located in the San Diego Bay Watershed.

This fun, interactive and scientific opportunity is designed to build students awareness of their environment and the important water quality issues we face in San Diego County. The one hour, in class program supports California Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards for each grade level.

During the presentation an RCD educator will introduce students to the concept of a watershed and discuss the most common types of pollution we experience in San Diego neighborhoods. Students actively participate in the workshop by “polluting” a three-dimensional watershed model. Students predict how the pollutants will affect the model and observe as the RCD educator simulates rainfall. Students investigate the causes and effects of local pollution and how our everyday actions influence that world around us. Students are invited to discuss pollution solutions, the significance of human impacts and environmental stewardship.

Make a reservation today and share in this free opportunity! Check availability and schedule presentations by calling 619-562-0096, download a reservation form here.


For more information on watershed learning in and outside of the classroom take a look at our index of resources. Here you’ll find classroom activity ideas to follow your watershed education presentation, curriculum support resources, online video tools for classroom learning, local organizations leading the way to healthy water systems, and a listing of both in the classroom and out of the classroom field trip opportunities.


For more information on the presentation and supporting science standards, view a program overview.


To learn more about watersheds in San Diego County, click here.

We are recruiting a program intern!
Are you interested in gaining experience of delivering an environmental education program? We are looking for interns to assist with all aspects of program management, including presenting to grade school students, program evaluation, and development of resource materials. This role would be ideal for college students who plan to become educators, or for those studying an environmental field. Please read our position description for more information. 


*Funding from the San Diego Unified Port District enables free presentations for all schools in the San Diego Bay Watershed. For schools outside of this area the fee is $150 per program, and $75 per program for additional classes at the same school on the same day. To see if your school falls within the San Diego Bay watershed region, or if you have any questions, please contact Ann Baldridge, Program Manager, on (619) 562-0096 or email ann.baldridge@rcdsandiego.org.