Formed in 1999, the San Diego Regional School Garden Resource Center (RC) assists K-12 educators interested in using the garden as a tool to teach nutrition, agriculture, nature, and other school subjects such as science, math, writing, reading, art, and music.
The RCD acts as a resource clearinghouse for teachers and school districts interested in garden-based nutrition education. We provide practical training and related resources for educators interested in programs aimed at encouraging students to appreciate fresh food and learn about the whole food cycle. 

Recently, we have worked on state-wide partnership programs to deliver training for school staff and community partners on bringing more fresh fruits and vegetables into schools and on using the garden as a tool for teaching about healthy eating. Resources from these training courses and lots of additional information can be found on the Healthy School Environment website and on the California School Garden Network website.
To read more about how seven San Diego County schools have sustained their garden programs, read this article, “Plant Good People and Cultivate Relationships,” based on interviews with staff, parents, and volunteers. To see a list of San Diego organizations that support school gardens, click here.
Free plants for school gardens! School gardens across San Diego are eligible to recieve one FREE flat of twelve vegetable and herb seedlings. Sign up, select a pick-up location, and join us on March 8, 2018 from 3-5 pm to collect your plants! Registration will close at 12:00 pm, on Monday March 5, 2018. Help us to spread the word and sign up before then! Questions? Feel free to get in touch at 619-562-0096. 
Workshops for school garden educators: in partnership with local experts and organizations. These are short, informal sessions (2 hours) on topics such as creating a pollinator garden, engaging volunteers, and eating from the garden. Watch this space for more information.   
School gardens email newsletter: We send occasional school garden email newsletters to school staff and community members working on, or interested in, school gardens. Read the latest newsletter or register to receive these updates. Information about our training courses will be posted here when dates are scheduled. 
Pollinators in the garden: Are you interested in attracting more Monarch butterflies and other pollinating insects to your school garden? Check out our Milkweed for Monarchs program!