The RCD of Greater San Diego County is a local government agency and an independent Special District, formed in 1996 and self-governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Separate from County, State and Federal agencies, an RCD is charged with locally securing “the adoption of conservation practices including but not limited to, farm, range, open space, urban development, wildlife, recreation, watershed, water quality and woodland, best adapted to save the basic resources of the State from unreasonable and preventable waste and destruction”.

(ref: Div. 9 of the California Public Resources Code, Section 9001 - Declaration of Policy; Purposes)

The RCD of Greater San Diego County consolidated from eleven smaller Districts over the years to what it is today. The District’s boundary now encompasses a service area of approximately 2,886 square miles or 1,847,300 acres. The adopted sphere of influence includes all types of land use and falls within all, or portions, of a number of incorporated communities.

Today there are three RCDs working within San Diego County:

  • The RCD of Greater San Diego County
  • Mission RCD
  • Upper San Luis Rey RCD

The District obtains its funding from a number of private and public grants, corporate and individual tax-deductible donations, and unassessed property taxes.  The Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy and fiscal oversight. The RCD Staff is responsible for the implementation of all District programs.