Here you will find a number of projects that let you contribute directly to the science of invertebrate conservation. Below you may click on the photos to view Xerces Society's projects tracking declining bumble bees, dragonfly migration in North America, and monarch butterfly populations in California. You will also find partner efforts to understand the conservation status of bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and more.

Pollinator Monitoring

The Great Sunflower Project
Bumble Bee Watch
Endangered Bumble Bee Monitoring

Bumble Bee Nest Watch

Bumble Boosters

The Vermont Bumble Bee Survey

University of Wyoming Bumble Bee Brigade

University of Florida’s Native Buzz Citizen Science Project

 Dragonfly Monitoring

The Migratory Dragonfly Partnership
Migration monitoring

Butterfly Monitoring

The Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count
Southwest Monarch Study
Monarch Larva Monitoring
Journey North
The Vanessa Migration Project
Monarch Watch